Sunday, February 29, 2004

Ezy Data Justed posted v.411 of the Beta.
XPCalendar: a free XP-Style DatePicker .OCX I was searching for a DatePicker Control on my hard drive and re-discovered a control I had downloaded a while back. I can't even recall where I found it. It is an excellent control that seems to work fine in Access and looks good. The download included a sample VB6 project. I have packaged all the files into a .zip file that you can download, and added a COM Help file for the .ocx, which I created using the excellent freeware product, HelpKit COM Assistant, which makes documentation of COM .ocx/dll files a breeze. The control was designed in VB6 and requires the VB6 Run-time Files, which should already exist on most Windows installs, and you will need to register the .ocx using regsvr32.exe. You can check the dependencies with another free app, Dependency Walker.

Friday, February 27, 2004

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Access Toolbar Icons Under WinXP your old custom Access toolbar icons may appear with a gray background, and changing the background in an image editor to match WinXP is likely to remove transparency under pre-XP Windows. After some fiddling, I discovered that if you use the otherwise primitive Access native toolbar icon editor to apply a transparent background for an icon, the background will be transparent in all flavors of Windows.

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Gantt Charts in Access Some interesting articles and code on creating Gannt charts/reports in Access:;en-us;254008

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