Friday, February 27, 2009

Latest Access KB Articles

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Access 2007
  • 958786 Description of the Access 2007 hotfix package (Ace.msp): October 28, 2008
  • 957690 Description of the Access 2007 hotfix package (Access.msp): October 28, 2008
  • 958695 Description of the 2007 Office hotfix package (Stslist.msp): October 28, 2008
  • 958846 Error message when you try to create a new database in Access 2007: "Template could not be instantiated"
  • 957241 Description of the update for Access 2007 Help: November 11, 2008
  • 960307 Description of the Access 2007 hotfix package (Access.msp): December 16, 2008
  • 967699 Description of the Microsoft Office Access 2007 hotfix package (Ace.msp): February 24, 2009
  • 962214 Description of the Office Access 2007 hotfix package (Access.msp): February 24, 2009
Access 2003
  • 958884 Description of the Access 2003 post-Service Pack 3 hotfix package (Msaccess.msp): October 28, 2008
  • 960420 Description of the Access 2003 hotfix package (Vbe6.msp): December 16, 2008
  • 960319 Description of the Access 2003 hotfix package (Msaccess.msp): December 16, 2008
  • 962917 Description of the Office 2003 hotfix package (Stslist.msp): February 24, 2009

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

No Office 14 for 2009

In a briefing with Wall Street analysts on Tuesday, Steve Ballmer said Office 14 will not ship 2009.

In January Microsoft released to selected customers an alpha version of Office 14, which includes a new Office for Sales SKU. According to ZDNet blogger Mary-Jo Foley, a first beta may appear mid-year, with the actual product shipping in 2010. Source

Thursday, February 12, 2009

More Free Access Legacy Tools

Following yesterday's post, I have retired two more Access tools and these are now available for free download from

Smart Form Builder Standard Build Access forms with navigation and auto-filtering instantly. All controls are pre-named using a standard naming convention. Launch as an Access Form Wizard or from the Add-Ins menu. Header or footer location for navigation buttons. Image or text on button faces.

Smart Form 97 ( - 80kb)
Smart Form 2000/2002/2003 ( - 80kb)

Smart Toolbar Automatically adds full record navigation and autofiltering to any Access data form, by setting only one form property and adding three lines of code behind the form. The download file includes a sample form demonstrating SmartToolbar.

SmartToolbar 97 ( - 90kb)
SmartToolbar 2000 ( - 90kb)
SmartToolbar 2002/2003 ( - 90kb)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Free Legacy Access Tools

I have retired some Access add-in products and these are now available for free download from

Data Integrity Wizard Simplifies the process of finding duplicate record entries, null values, and like values in database tables, and checks referential integrity between related tables.
  • Data Integrity Wizard 97 ( - 52kb)
  • Data Integrity Wizard 2000 for Access2000/2002/2003 ( - 44kb)

Ezy Dialog Form Wizard Instantly create Access dialog forms.
  • Ezy Dialog 97 ( - 45kb)
  • Ezy Dialog 2000/2002/2003 ( - 65kb)

Access Knowledge Base Browser The easy way to search the on-line Microsoft Access Knowledge Base. Nearly 3,000 article references.
  • KB Browser v1.3.1 ( - 1.5mb)

Vizual Dezigner Easy and intuitive. Drill down into a hierarchy of all the tables, relations, and fields in your database. You can view selected field properties, and create and delete tables and fields, set indexes, create table relations, and edit other field properties.
  • Vizual Dezigner 97 ( - 1mb)
  • Vizual Dezigner 2000/2002/2003 ( - 1mb)

Table Warehouse The ultimate source for pre-designed Access tables. Choose from 120 tables. Users can add their own tables to the Warehouse from within the Add-In.
  • Table Warehouse 97 ( - 320kb)
  • Table Warehouse 2000/2002/2003 ( - 340kb)

Super Code and Button Builder Easier than macros! All 333 Access97 menu commands at your fingertips. The code builder is available in modules and inserts the code directly into your procedure. The button builder automatically creates a command button with code in form design view.
  • Super Code and Button Builder 97 ( - 42kb)
  • Super Command Button Builder 2000/2002/2003 ( - 42kb)

Vizual Relations The smart way to print Access relationships.
  • Vizual Relations 97 ( - 33kb)
  • Vizual Relations 2000 for Access 2000/2002/2003 ( - 45kb)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Automate Data Collection Using E-Mails in Access 2007

A new feature in Access 2007 is the Collect Data Through E-mail Messages Wizard, which works with Outlook 2007 to generate and send an e-mail message that includes a data entry form. When recipients fill out and return a form, the replies are processed according to your specifications. For example, if you choose to have the replies automatically processed, the contents of the form are added to the appropriate table in your database as soon as the reply hits your Outlook In-box. This article on Office Online shows you how to use the Wizard: Collect data by using e-mail messages.

A post on the Access Team Blog today runs through advanced use of the data collection feature to automate data collection forms using VBA.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

SQL Server Express 2008 Now Available for Download

Version 10.00.1600.22 of SQL Server Express 2008 was released today.