Friday, October 29, 2004

XML and Other Resources for Microsoft Office Developers

XML on the Desktop
XML Reference Schemas for Documents and Templates

Custom-defined XML Schema Support




Smart Documents


Visual Studio Tools for Office, version 2005 (Beta 1)

Information Bridge Framework

Research Services

Smart Tags

Web Services Support

Network Deployment and Updating Models

Office Runtime

Solution Guidance

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Smart Documents

Designing SmartDocuments in Office 2003 A comprehensive overview with samples from

Monday, October 18, 2004

Legacy Code Analysis

Does this sound familiar:

"Aargh! I just inherited a mess of projects from a team who left the company 3 years ago. I can't even touch that code without breaking anything. What do I do know?"

Read this article to learn techniques for understanding legacy apps:

Thursday, October 14, 2004

More For Developers in Microsoft Office 2003

Overview of Office 2003 Developer Technologies Overview article for an understanding of the new development techniques around Office 2003 Editions and the types of solutions you can create with them. Then use the Solution Guidance and List of References to learn even more.

What's Updated for Outlook Developers in Office 2003? Office 2003 SP1 includes a number of enhancements for developers designing forms and programming with the Outlook object model in Outlook 2003.

Building a Status Report Application with Visual Studio Tools for Office, Version 2005 Compare the process of creating a solution that supports schema-based programming and the actions pane in Visual C# with the Microsoft Smart Document API.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

New Microft XML Parser Service Pack

The Microsoft XML Parser (MSXML) 3.0 Service Pack 5 (SP5), which includes a number of security and bug fixes over the previous MSXML 3.0 SP releases, has just been released.

If you are developing in XML I recommend XMLSpy from, a comprehensive tool for XML document creation and management, and which includes an XHTML editor. Their web site also offers comprehensive XML resources.

Check out also the XML Resources on the AccessExtra Access Resources CD:

Access 2002 Add-in XML Spreadsheet
Access New XML Features Sample
Add XML Functionality in Excel 2003 from VB.NET
Alternatives to XML
Introduction to XML
Clearing the confusion about XML databases
Create Editable XML Documents Using XPath and the TreeView Control
Create XML Web Reports from Access 2002
Exporting Access2002 schema using XML
Extract XML from a TreeView control
Immediately convert a Recordset into XML
Import XML Data Into Microsoft Access
The Great XML-Access Database Exchange
Keep XML Simple
Learn your way around XML
Load XML into a TreeView control
Microsoft NET XML
MS Word XML Sample
MS XML Spreadsheet Add-In for Access2002
MS XML SS AddIn for Access2002
Office 2003 XML Reference Schemas
Office Developer Center: Bind an Access Form's Record Source from an XML File at Runtime
Office Developer Center: Using Visual Basic and ASP with XML to Generate Excel 2003 Workbooks
Remedial XML
Save Recordsets as XML
Save time and prevent errors by converting data to XML format
Simple XML Retrieval Class
Taking Outlook and XML to Task
Create XML Web Reports from Access
Use XML in Access 2002 to generate Web-enabled Reports
Use XML in Access 2002 to Share All Types of Data
Using ADO to exchange data as XML
Using Complex Data Types with XML Web Services in Microsoft
Working with Microsoft Office Word 2003's XML
XML and Related Standards-based Technologies Simplify Communication
XML Path Language (XPath)
XML Spreadsheet AddIn for Access2002
XML support for Excel 2002 provides new data-sharing opportunities
XML COM - XML and Visual Basic
XML Programming Sample Chapter Using the MS XML Parser and DOM

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

MS Office Updates

What's New in Visual Studio Tools for Office, Version 2005 Separation of data and view elements, server-side and offline scenarios, and seamless integration with the Visual Studio tools set...

Office XP Update: KB837253 This update provides fixes based on the Microsoft Trustworthy Computing Initiative, and the latest fixes for customer-reported issues. It is recommended for all Office XP users. This update may require a reboot.

Security Update for Excel 2002 (KB873366) and Security Update for Excel 2000 (KB873372 A security vulnerability exists in Microsoft Excel that could allow arbitrary code to run when opening a maliciously modified spreadsheet. This update resolves this vulnerability so that Excel spreadsheets are handled appropriately.

New Access Knowledge Base Articles

Use this URL:;EN-US;xxxxx
where xxxxx is the Article No.

209229 ACC2000: Update Query on More Than One Table Gives Wrong Data
207763 ACC2000: You Cannot Sum Calculated Controls in Forms or Reports
210098 ACC2000: Same Named Module and Procedure Causes Errors
207784 ACC2000: MS Access Behavior When Importing Data to Fields with Default Values
209261 ACC2000: Showing All Records (Including Null) in a Parameter Query
207836 ACC2000: Error "Operation Is Not Supported" with OldValue Property
209482 ACC2000: Error Previewing Subreports That Call Filter Macro
207878 ACC2000: Cannot Import Spreadsheet If Field Name Begins with Space
209098 ACC2000: Using the AllowZeroLength and Required Properties
197373 ACC2000: You Cannot Follow Hyperlinks in Totals Query
209106 ACC2000: Table Field Validation Rule Causes Error
197384 ACC2000: Static Hyperlink on Disabled Subform Appears Enabled
209185 ACC2000: Options Dialog Box Items Are Not Visible
209193 ACC2000: How to Return Records in a Many-to-Many Relationship
207751 ACC2000: OLE Objects Do Not Appear in Output File
207755 ACC2000: Subform Field Linker Builder Error Creating Links
294198 ACC2002: Data is unchanged when you change dates on calendar control
294202 ACC2002: How to enumerate selected form records in Access 2002
290133 ACC2002: How to create a "Please Wait" message in Access2002
295194 ACC2002: ADO help does not work if you reference ADO 2.6 object library in Access 2002
295225 ACC2002: You receive a write conflict error when you add a record in multi-table view in Access 2002
884457 ACC2003: How to deploy an Access 2003 project that connects to an existing SQL Server 2000 database
884998 ACC2003: You may receive a security warning message when you use the SendObject macro action or the SendObject method in Access 2002 and in Access 2003

Friday, October 08, 2004

Overview of Office 2003 Developer Tools and Programs A compehensive overview article for MS Office Developers from Microsoft.

My AccessExtra MS Access Resources CD, which contains over 650mb of MS Access sample applications, source code, articles, and Access tools, includes 27mb of specific Access 2003 resources:
  • A Developer's First Look at Office 2003 Web Parts
  • Access 2003VBA Languag Reference
  • Access Fundamentals of SQL Access 2003 Sample Database
  • Access 2003: Managing State Transitions
  • Signing Access 2003 Projects
  • Access2003 Sample Using Automation with Outlook
  • Add XML Functionality in Excel 2003 from VB.NET
  • Creating Your Own Research Service for the Microsoft Office 2003 Research Library
  • Five things every tech should know about Microsoft Office 2003
  • Getting Started Developing Smart Tag Solutions with Microsoft Office Access 2003
  • Relationships Your Key to Data Integrity in Access 2003
  • Leverage Office 2003 Resource Kit's Custom Installation Wizard to speed Office 2003 deployments
  • Listing Button Faces in the Command Bar in Office 2003
  • Making the decision to upgrade to Office 2003
  • Upgrading the Office 2003 core
  • Microsoft bundles Office 2003 Developer Tools
  • Office 2003 Web Services ToolPak
  • Office 2003 and Visual Studio NET Business Solutions
  • Office 2003 Critical Update KB828041
  • Office 2003 Editions: Compare them to Previous Versions
  • Office 2003 Pro FAQ
  • Office 2003 Should you upgrade?
  • Office 2003 Web Components Toolkit
  • Office 2003 XML Reference Schemas
  • Office Developer Center Using Visual Basic and ASP with XML to Generate Excel 2003 Workbooks
  • Office Developer Center Working with HTML DOCTYPE Declarations in FrontPage 2003
  • Office 2003 SharePoint Integration Guide
  • Office 2003 Review Guide
  • Uncovering what's in the Office 2003 Resource Kit
  • Using Smart Tags in Office 2003
  • Using the Microsoft Visual Studio Tools for the Microsoft Office 2003 System
  • What's New for Office 2003 Developers (from Office Talk)
  • What's New in Office 2003
  • Where to Get Tools and Help to Develop With Microsoft Office 2003
  • Working with Microsoft Office Word 2003's XML features

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

MS Office 97 Resources

Microsoft has just relaunched the Office 97 Resource Kit as Compiled HTML Help file for all you loyal Office 97 developers and users.

Check out also the many my Access 97 Add-Ins at, and while you're there have a look at the contents of the AccessExtra MS Access Resources CD, which includes nearly 240mb of Access97 sample applications, source code, articles, and 30 free Access97 add-ins from MS and other Access developers.