Sunday, July 25, 2004

MS Office Migration Articles from Microsoft:

Whitepaper: Microsoft Office 2000 to Microsoft Office 2003 Migration

Whitepaper: Office 97 to Office 2003 Migration

Whitepaper:: Microsoft Office XP to Microsoft Office 2003 Migration

Monday, July 19, 2004

How to Customise Menus and Menu Bars in MS Office This article uses MS Excel to demonstrate customisation of Office CommandBars.

Query Dependencies in MS Access Tracking complex query dependencies in Access was difficult before Access 2003, which provides this functionality natively. But what abour earlier versions of Access? Thankfully, provides an excellent add-in for earlier Access versions as donationware. Just run the setup.exe file and all your installed versions of Access will now have this functionality: right-click on a query in the Queries tab of the Database Window and select Dependencies from the popup menu to see a treeview of the dependencies in a custom dialog. There are addtional features: run a query from the dialog or view the design, or copy the dependencies to the Clipboard. Download

Monday, July 12, 2004

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Friday, July 09, 2004

New Articles of Interest:

How to Customise Menus and Menu Bars in Excel Applies generally to Office 2000 and later.

Security in Office 2003 Editions How to hook into the security features in Office 2003 Editions and, more importantly, how to avoid accidentally circumventing them in your Office-based solutions.

Working with Files and Folders in Office 2003 Editions Tips on how to use the Office object model to enhance your custom solutions.

MS Access KB Browser Now On-line All the Access KB article links from my Access Knowledge Base Browser application are now available on-line. Try it. You can browse or search 2,752 Access KB article references in your browser, with a link to each article at the Microsoft KB site.

BTW, the KB Browser application is free for all buyers of a Premium Access Tool from, with prices starting from a low US$9.95.

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Access Knowledge Base Browser The Articles database for my Access Knowledge Base Browser has been just updated. The number of article references has been increased by nearly 101 to 2,742 article titles. The KB Browser is an easy way to search the on-line Microsoft Access Knowledge Base. Existing Users can click the "Update KB Table" button on the Application Toolbar to get the update. KB Browser is free for all buyers of a Premium Access Tool from, with prices starting from a low US$9.95.

Monday, July 05, 2004

New MS Access KB Articles
Use this URL:;EN-US;xxxxx
where xxxxx is the Article No.

196809 ACC97 CompactDatabase Method Requires Locale to Convert 2.0 MDB
148287 ACC2 Neatcod2.mdb Available in Download Center
148402 ACC95 Neatcode.mdb Available in Download Center
148572 ACC95 Viewable Wzcnf70.mda Code Available in Download Center
148581 ACC95 Using Updatable Queries White Paper Available in Download Center
149357 ACC2 Parameter Typing Utility Available in Download Center
149358 ACC2 Sample to Undo Changes in Forms Available in Download Center
149360 ACC2 Multiuser Wizards Available in Download Center
209505 ACC2002 Expressions to count yes, no, and other responses in Access
235280 ACC2000 """Can't Find the Database You Specified"" Error When Starting Access 97 After Upgrade to Office 2000"
259134 ACC2000 Microsoft Policy on Forgotten Password Assistance with Access 2000
207868 ACC2000 """Microsoft Access Can't Represent the Join Expression"" Error Message in Query Design"
225989 ACC2000 Cannot Use Access Client-Server Tools After Installation of Microsoft Data Engine
236531 MOD2000 Cannot Insert HHCtrl.ocx into a Microsoft Access Form
232595 ACC2000 How to Sum a Calculation in a Data Access Page
241471 ACC2000 """Microsoft Jet Database Engine Could Not Find the Object"" Error Message Exporting Visual FoxPro Table"
234343 ACC2000 How to Secure Database Diagrams in a Microsoft Access Project
209643 ACC2000 How to Determine the Version of Catalog Stored Procedures
245181 ACC2000 Expression Builder Is Not Available in Visual Basic Environment
244904 ACC2000 ODBC Call Failed (#200) Error Running a Union Query on Linked Visual FoxPro Tables
255132 ACC2000 """Stop 0x1e"" Creating a Report with the Access Report Wizard"
282751 ACC2000 Linked Excel Worksheet Grows by 50 to 100 Percent When Updated in Access
240962 ACC2000 Starting Hyperlink from Access Minimizes Access Session
210181 ACC2000 Visual Basic Editor Displays Hidden Modules
208888 ACC2000 How to Attach Existing SQL Server 7.0 Database Files to Microsoft Data Engine (MSDE)
197232 ACC2000 New Microsoft Excel Data Does Not Appear in Microsoft Access Form
223201 ACC2000 Shortcut Keys May Not Work in Access Project
197111 ACC2000 Lookup Wizard Error
207597 ACC2000 AutoLookup Field Returns Unexpected Value in Word Mail Merge
207632 ACC2000 TransferText Ignores Indexes in Import Specification
209170 ACC2000 Starting Another Application from a Text Box on a Form
209148 ACC2000 Cannot Save a Blank Record in a Table or Form
207662 ACC2000 Parameter Prompt If LinkMasterFields or LinkChildFields Contains Table Name
209132 ACC2000 Troubleshooting Tips for Error Values
207624 ACC2000 How to Create a 'Continued' Header with Groups That Span Multiple Pages
205703 ACC2000 Can't Import Single Cell Excel Named Range
207471 ACC2000 You Receive No Warning When a Number Is Too Large for a Single Data Type
208178 ACC2000 GoToControl to Control with Focus in AfterUpdate Ignored
205596 ACC2000 Optional Fields Not Added to Database Made by Database Wizard
275563 ACC2000 Programmatically Populated Combo Box or List Box Is Not Sorted in the Order Expected
209759 ACC2000 Unsupported SQL Keywords Are Not Listed in Microsoft Access
223248 ACC2000 PreviousSection Property Causes Microsoft Access and Internet Explorer to Quit Unexpectedly
225891 ACC2000 Microsoft Script Editor Does Not Execute the OnBeforeUnload Window Event Procedure
231839 ACC2000 Cannot Use Legacy Database Templates with Access 2000
234303 ACC2000 How to Start Another Application from a Data Access Page
204204 ACC2000 Option Buttons on a Data Access Page Must Have Name and ID Property Values
197221 ACC2000 Error Message Clicking Start Page on Web Toolbar
199086 ACC2000 Can't Use ENTER to Move Data to Next Line of Wizard
203447 ACC2000 Hiding Control on a Page Doesn't Hide Control's Label
209001 ACC2000 How to Print a Variable-Length Character String
209006 ACC2000 How to Control the Number of Records Printed per Page
199253 ACC2000 Spelling Checker Ignores Misspelled Uppercase Words
209072 ACC2000 Two Device Independent Bitmaps in Paste Special Dialog Box
209108 ACC2000 How to Use In-place Activation with OLE Objects
198666 ACC2000 Standard Toolbar Not Available in Microsoft Access
235267 ACC2000 Table in a Microsoft Access Project Cannot Be Updated
240246 ACC2000 Operational Range for Dates in Microsoft Access 2000
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Sunday, July 04, 2004

What is XML? The XML Programming Bible covers all the most recent XML core and related specifications including XML 1.1, J2EE 1.4, Microsoft .NET's latest iteration, as well as open source XML items from the Apache project. You can download free the first chapter - an excellent introduction - as a.pdf.