Saturday, August 29, 2009

Free Access Stuff from

A reminder of some of the Access tools available free from

Sample Date Picker for Access Databases Versatile Vista/Win7 styling and functionality.

Kiosk Dashboard Sample Access Database Mouse-driven full-screen modal kiosk dashboard.

Access Dashboard Builder A cutting-edge tool for quickly building a fully-functional Access database dashboard. You don't need a switchboard in your existing application to build a Dashboard using the Builder, and you don't need to know VBA or wrtie any macros - the builder automatically handles everything.

Office 2007 Ribbon XML File Reviewer Open any Office 2007 Ribbon XML file to review an Office Ribbon's full menu hierarchy in a tree-view with all control attributes detailed in an adjacent panel. Extensive reference resources incorporated into the GUI.

Access 2007 USysRibbons Reviewer Add-In Preview the custom Ribbons in the USysRibbons table of an Access 2007 database. Extensive reference resources incorporated into the GUI.

Access Control Center "Get Centralized Project Management for Microsoft Access" from independent review 1 Dec 2003 by Access Advisor Zone. Open the correct version of Access. Easy compacting and decompiling, workgroup switching. Projects are managed centrally. MDBs are opened by the appropriate Access version automatically. Includes a shortcut wizard, and many other features!

Access SideBar Add-In for Access 2000/2002/2003 Uses only native Access controls: no DLLs/OCXs The easy way to navigate objects in your Access MDB, the Access SideBar is available at any time. After opening an object the SideBar is hidden, and pops-up by moving your mouse to the left edge of the screen.The SideBar window size is independent of the size of the Access application window, so you can locate all objects without resizing the application window. A custom right-click pop-up menu gives easy access to useful Access Menu commands. The download also includes a second wider version.

Classic Database MenuBar and Window for Access 2007 This free sample Access 2007 database gets you beyond the frustrations of learning the new Office 2007 Ribbon and helps you learn the location of familiar commands in the unfamiliar Ribbon environment.

A Better ZoomBox A free tool for Microsoft Access versions 97 to 2003 to edit the following control properties when designing Access Forms and Reports: Record Source, Row Source, Control Source. Full find/replace functionality and saved customization font and Enter Key settings.

Access DASHBOARD® Manage all your Access databases in one application. The DASHBOARD automatically determines in which version of JET a database was created. Each file is opened in the appropriate version of Access. Use the Shortcut Builder to create custom Desktop shortcuts. Backup, Repair, Compact, and Decompile database files without leaving the DASHBOARD.

Custom Form and Report Design Toolbar A handy Custom Toolbar for Access, for faster and less tedious resizing and positioning of form and report controls: import the Toolbar into any Access97 or later database. For example, you can resize a selected group of controls to match the smallest or largest of a group, in just two mouse-clicks.

Table Links and Connections Manager The Connection Manager will find all the Microsoft Access files in the location you select and a report will display all table links and base string connections, including dependents of, and any connect errors grouped by: Jet Version, File Type, Linked Database Paths and linked tables, and Base Connection Strings. Separate reports are produced for .mdx and .adx files.

Access Database Mechanic Automates the process of attempting to recover a corrupt MS Access database, using three operations: compact & repair, decompile, and complete rebuild of an .mdb. The applet also features a fail-safe mechanism that creates a uniquely named back-up copy of the .mdb before any recovery operation is attempted. Versions for Access 2000/2002/2003 and Access 2007.

Ezy Access 2000 Access is intimidating for new users and the learning curve is steep. Here is a new tool that makes using Access a WHOLE lot easier: an Access database for retail MS Access that lets you easily create Access databases with little or no knowledge of Access.

Ezy Debug A frustration in debugging in Access 2000 and later is the clunky rigmarole required to check/set error-trapping. Now you can dramatically simplify the process. Ezy Debug is launched from the right-click popup menu in the code window of the Access VB Editor. The applet provides quick access to the Access error-trapping settings in the code window, and once invoked it is available both in the Access Database and VBE window. The current error-trapping setting is displayed and can be hanged on the fly...

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Elapsed Time Sample Database for Access 2007

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Working Days Sample Database for Access 2007