Thursday, March 11, 2004

Keep MS Access Form Controls in Focus A nice tip for Access2000+ from the TechRepublic Office Newsletter:

It can sometimes be difficult to find the cursor on a form. To clarify which control has focus, you can configure the control to display a different background color when the user moves to it. For example, you can configure the current control to appear with a yellow background. Follow these steps:

Open the form in Design View, and select the first control.
Go to Format | Conditional Formatting.
Under Condition 1, select Field Has Focus.
Click the Fill/Back Color button, and select yellow.
Click OK.

Set this condition for each control the user will tab to; in particular, set the condition on all controls that display text, such as text boxes and combo boxes.

Excel 2003 Samples: Expense Report and XML Schema This download from Microsoft contains a sample Excel spreadsheet to create a typical expense report and a sample XML schema file used to map XML elements to cells in the spreadsheet.

A Really Useful Registry Tool You know how tedious it is to register and un-register DLL’s and OCXs'. The Component Registering Tool (CRT) makes this as easy as three mouse-clicks. CRT is an applet bundled with a neat freeware add-in for VB6, TurboVBLite, a VB IDE enhancer. You don't need VB6 to take advantage of CRT. Just download the TurboVBLite .zip file and unzip to an empty folder. The CRT file, register.exe, is used to register the TurboVBLite .dll. The bonus is that running CRT adds two right-click menus in Windows Explorer: Register Component and UnRegister Component. To register/un-register any .dll or ocx. file in Windows Explorer, higlight the file and click Register/UnRegister from the right-click popup menu.

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