Monday, April 05, 2004

Using Visual Basic and ASP with XML to Generate MS Excel 2003 Workbooks A new article from MSDN on different ways to use XML files and XML style sheets to create formatted Excel workbooks. You can create XML templates using either ASP or Visual Basic to create Excel workbooks.

Access 2003/2002 Sample: Using Parameters with Queries and Reports Sample Database A new download from MS Office Online. This sample Microsoft Access database provides example forms, queries, and reports that demonstrate using query parameters, as well as using a custom form to supply parameters to a query or report.

Access Knowledge Base Browser The Articles database for my Access Knowledge Base Browser has been just updated. The number of article references has been increased by nearly 100 to 2,546 article titles. The KB Browser is an easy way to search the on-line Microsoft Access Knowledge Base. Existing Users can click the "Update KB Table" button on the Application Toolbar to get the update. KB Browser is free for all buyers of a Premium Access Tool from, with prices starting from a low US$9.95.

Use Ezy Data for a painless move from spreadsheets to databases. Spreadsheet applications like MS Excel easily handle simple databases, and are fast and easy to learn, as long as data fits into a flat list of rows and columns. This kind of worksheet table is called a flat-file database and is adequate if your needs are simple, but if they become more complex, then users need a database application such as MS Access. Trouble is Access is intimidating for users and not as easy to learn. This is where Ezy Data comes in. Ezy Data is a stand-alone database application for Windows that lets users easily create relational databases of tables and queries for entering, storing, viewing and analysing data. They can import data from spreadsheets or other databases, and create an unlimited number of databases. Each database is self-contained with its own user-friendly switchboard. Databases can be opened natively in MS Access97 or tables imported into all later versions of Access. Users can choose from 40 pre-designed table templates, and there are three ready-built business-oriented sample databases. Ezy Data 4 is now available at a special introductory price of only US$34.95.

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