Friday, May 28, 2004

Recent MS Access Tips I stumbled upon:

A neat way to test both for Null or an empty string using the MS Access Nz function:

If Nz(Me.txtFaxNo,"") = "" Then Me.cmdSendFax.Enabled = True

MS Access Shortcut Keys for data entry:

[Shift][Enter] to save a record
[Ctrl][Alt][Spacebar] to re-instate the default value
[Spacebar] to toggle values in a check box or option
[Ctrl][;] to insert the current date
[Ctrl][Shift][;] to insert the current time
[Ctrl][+] to add a new record
[Ctrl][-] to delete the current record
[Esc] to undo a change to the current record

Check the Access Extra Newsletter Archive for more shortcuts

More new MS Office stuff from Microsoft:

Microsoft Office Information Bridge Framework 1.0 - BETA
A set of components, tools, and prescriptive guidance that enable developers to create solutions that connect Microsoft Office System applications to enterprise systems.
Microsoft Office Information Bridge Framework 1.0 Resource Kit - BETA
The Kit contains tools and sample code designed to make MS Office development job easier.
Office 2003 Editions: VBA Language Reference for the Graph Object Model
The Visual Basic® for Applications (VBA) Language Reference for the Microsoft® Graph Object Model as a compiled Help file.
Office 2003 Tool: Local Installation Source Tool
A wizard to help manage Local Installation Source (LIS) on computers running Microsoft Office 2003
Microsoft Office Data Assistant for PowerPoint 2003
An easy-to-use method of inserting and managing graphical data objects such as Microsoft Office Visio® drawings, Microsoft Office Excel charts, and named ranges into PowerPoint presentations.

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Ron said...

[Shift][f2] for a zoom box if the form field is too small.
[Ctrl]['] to fill a field with the same value as the previous record.