Friday, July 09, 2004

New Articles of Interest:

How to Customise Menus and Menu Bars in Excel Applies generally to Office 2000 and later.

Security in Office 2003 Editions How to hook into the security features in Office 2003 Editions and, more importantly, how to avoid accidentally circumventing them in your Office-based solutions.

Working with Files and Folders in Office 2003 Editions Tips on how to use the Office object model to enhance your custom solutions.

MS Access KB Browser Now On-line All the Access KB article links from my Access Knowledge Base Browser application are now available on-line. Try it. You can browse or search 2,752 Access KB article references in your browser, with a link to each article at the Microsoft KB site.

BTW, the KB Browser application is free for all buyers of a Premium Access Tool from, with prices starting from a low US$9.95.

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