Friday, August 20, 2004

ASP, ASP.NET, Personal Web Servers, and Windows XP Home After discovering that WinXP Home does not support MS Personal Web Server or IIS, I was in a quandary on how to work on ASP pages on a WinXP Home PC.

After Googling around on and off for a few days, I located the following easy to setup and reliable solutions:
  • For ASP install Abyss Web Server XI (freeware) and Selisoft's Active HTML Extensions (shareware)
  • For ASP.NET install Cassini ASP.NET Web Server (freeware: requires .NET Framework 1.1)

For developing web pages accessing MS Access databases try these applications:

  • ASP: DBQwikSite v2.5.2 (Sponsored Version is free)
  • ASP.NET: Microsoft's free ASP.NET Web Matrix (requires .NET Framework 1.1)

Google searches will quickly locate download sites for all these applications.

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