Tuesday, October 12, 2004

MS Office Updates

What's New in Visual Studio Tools for Office, Version 2005 Separation of data and view elements, server-side and offline scenarios, and seamless integration with the Visual Studio tools set...

Office XP Update: KB837253 This update provides fixes based on the Microsoft Trustworthy Computing Initiative, and the latest fixes for customer-reported issues. It is recommended for all Office XP users. This update may require a reboot.

Security Update for Excel 2002 (KB873366) and Security Update for Excel 2000 (KB873372 A security vulnerability exists in Microsoft Excel that could allow arbitrary code to run when opening a maliciously modified spreadsheet. This update resolves this vulnerability so that Excel spreadsheets are handled appropriately.

New Access Knowledge Base Articles

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where xxxxx is the Article No.

209229 ACC2000: Update Query on More Than One Table Gives Wrong Data
207763 ACC2000: You Cannot Sum Calculated Controls in Forms or Reports
210098 ACC2000: Same Named Module and Procedure Causes Errors
207784 ACC2000: MS Access Behavior When Importing Data to Fields with Default Values
209261 ACC2000: Showing All Records (Including Null) in a Parameter Query
207836 ACC2000: Error "Operation Is Not Supported" with OldValue Property
209482 ACC2000: Error Previewing Subreports That Call Filter Macro
207878 ACC2000: Cannot Import Spreadsheet If Field Name Begins with Space
209098 ACC2000: Using the AllowZeroLength and Required Properties
197373 ACC2000: You Cannot Follow Hyperlinks in Totals Query
209106 ACC2000: Table Field Validation Rule Causes Error
197384 ACC2000: Static Hyperlink on Disabled Subform Appears Enabled
209185 ACC2000: Options Dialog Box Items Are Not Visible
209193 ACC2000: How to Return Records in a Many-to-Many Relationship
207751 ACC2000: OLE Objects Do Not Appear in Output File
207755 ACC2000: Subform Field Linker Builder Error Creating Links
294198 ACC2002: Data is unchanged when you change dates on calendar control
294202 ACC2002: How to enumerate selected form records in Access 2002
290133 ACC2002: How to create a "Please Wait" message in Access2002
295194 ACC2002: ADO help does not work if you reference ADO 2.6 object library in Access 2002
295225 ACC2002: You receive a write conflict error when you add a record in multi-table view in Access 2002
884457 ACC2003: How to deploy an Access 2003 project that connects to an existing SQL Server 2000 database
884998 ACC2003: You may receive a security warning message when you use the SendObject macro action or the SendObject method in Access 2002 and in Access 2003

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