Tuesday, October 25, 2005

New Office Articles and Webcasts at Office Developer Portal

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Creating Smart Documents with Visual Studio 2005 Visual Studio 2005 Take away the pain of creating smart documents that run inside of Microsoft Office Professional Edition 2003. How the smart document apparatus has been improved inside Visual Studio 2005.

Five Things You Must Know About Visual Studio Tools for Office 2005 VSTO 2005 introduces some big concepts, with big implications, like the separation of code from view. It also gives Office application developers some new features and tools to work with, including improved Smart Tags, easy-to-make Actions Panes, and the new Object Test Bench. Learn more by using these code examples to build the ultimate killer app.

Easy Time & Billing with SharePoint, Outlook, Excel and VSTO These popular office system applications reduce the pain of recording and reporting your time, with very little code required.

Automating the Deployment of an Office InfoPath Form Template Microsoft Office InfoPath 2003 enables you to publish form templates to a specific location, such as a Web server or a network file share. In this article, learn how to update part of a previously-published form template and move it to a new location.

Convert VBA Code to Visual Basic .NET Read this article for a review of the major code conversion issues and the benefits of migrating your VBA code to Visual Basic .NET and Visual Studio 2005 Tools for Office.

Create Excel Solutions for Users in More than One Country or Region Learn which issues you should consider when using Visual Studio Tools for Office to create Excel 2003 solutions for end users in more than one country or region.

Get the Most from the Office 2003 Primary Interop Assemblies Learn how to get and install the Office 2003 primary interop assemblies (PIAs), and how to reference and troubleshoot them.

Create an InfoPath Custom Control Using C# and .NET Check out the InfoPath Team Blog-and learn how to create a custom control that can bind to fields in an InfoPath form using managed code and COM interop.


VSTO--Open Forum with Office Team Members Join host Mike Hernandez and members of the Visual Studio Tools for Office team for this open forum. Hear answers to questions that have been on developers' minds.

MSDN: Best Practices for Designing InfoPath Forms This popular talk demonstrates the basics and the best practices for designing InfoPath forms.

MSDN: Creating Custom Controls for InfoPath Get up to speed quickly as we discuss the steps needed to write an ActiveX control, which works in InfoPath as a custom control.

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