Sunday, November 19, 2006

Major BETA Upgrade to SQL Server Products Announced

This week, Microsoft, at its Professional Association for SQL Server (PASS) Community Summit, Microsoftannounced a new community technology preview of:

  • Service Pack 2 (SP2) for SQL Server,
  • the Release Candidate (RC) of SQL  Server 2005 Compact Edition, and
  • Visual Studio Team Edition for Database Professionals.


The CTP for SP2 adds data compression, increased business intelligence functionality, security updates, and support for Windows Vista and Office 2007. Excel, Excel Server and Sharepoint have all been integrated with SQL Server, allowing for Excel data analytics to be done within SQL Server.

Microsoft [has] also added interoperability with Hyperion Essbase and Oracle data sources, allowing administrators to build reports on top of both SQL Server and SAP applications.

SQL Server 2005 Compact Edition is a rebranding of SQL Server Mobile Edition, which is designed for small footprint devices. It shares the SQL Server database syntax and ADO.NET programming model and is aimed at what Microsoft called 'occasionally connected systems'. "This is for developers that need to build apps that store and need to synchronize data," said Francois Ajenstat, director of SQL Server for Microsoft. "Your phone or laptop are not always connected to the data center where you data is stored. This is designed for when you get connected to synchronize your data."

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