Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Easy User Filtering in Access

A new feature in Access 2007 is on-the-fly filtering of forms.

My Ezy Filter Plus Access Add-In, which has been around for a while, provides more advanced on-the fly filtering for forms and reports, and for Access 97 to Access 2003 as well:
  • Easily filter any existing data form or previewed report in any Access database
  • An add code options allows developers to add Ezy Filter to their applications.
The following graphical representation of Ezy Filter Plus in action in the sample Northwind MDB that ships with Access, highlights the essential features of Ezy Filter Plus and shows you how easy it is to use and implement (click on an image to zoom in):

1. Invoke the Ezy Filter Plus Add-In and click Add Code to add Ezy Filtering to your database:

2. In any Access form or report click the Ezy Filter button on the form view toolbar or popup menu and start filtering:

3. Click the Filter toggle button to return to the unfiltered form:

Buy Ezy Filter Plus now and get the Ezy Reporter Add-In for free - a 50% saving.

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