Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Office 2000 Ribbon Customizer

From the What's New in Access 2007 Blog:

For those of you who have been struggling a little with Ribbon customization in Access 2007 and miss the old world of CommandBars where you could design the command experience directly through the UI, Patrick Schmid has a cool add-in that allows you to make graphical design changes to your Ribbons from right within Office. It works with all Office apps that have the Ribbon.

His tool is free to try, and he's also currently got a beta program going. You can pick up the trial here: http://pschmid.net/office2007/ribboncustomizer/download.php, and join the Beta here: http://pschmid.net/office2007/ribboncustomizer/betaprogram.php.

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