Thursday, September 20, 2007

Custom RibbonX Reviewer for Access 2007

Click on the image to zoom in...

I am making available a free BETA of my Access 2007 RibbonX Reviewer for download. Make sure you read the readme file.

This is very much a stage 1 app, with the aim being in the next stage to deploy it as an add-in that will work inside the users' ACCDB, and eventually to provide in-place editing of Ribbonbars. I put the BETA out now, so that any bugs can identified before I go too far into the next stage.

Open the file RibbonXReview.accde in Access 2007 to review sample Access 2000 RibbonBars using the USysRibbons table.

Theres are also extensive reference resources incorporated into the GUI.

You can load your own USysRibbons table by importing it into the ACCDE and replacing the sample USysRibbons table.