Friday, March 07, 2008

SQL Data Services: Cloud Obscures Visibility

Microsoft has launched this new BETA product, which I guess you could liken to SQL Server for the Web.

This is how it is described in a post on the Access Team Blog (and I thought it was an Access blog):

Microsoft is now getting into the lightweight database game with SQL Server Data Services. It looks to follow a similar pattern to simpleDB and CouchDB with named, attribute pairs in a flat storage space and accessibility through REST. Some of the interesting things they are bringing to the game:

  • Query data using LINQ
  • Property support for simple data types (string, numeric, date, boolean)
  • Paging management for data retrieval
  • Rich client library in C# and VB with LINQ support
  • SSL Security

It looks like a great cloud based simple storage system with some of the goodness MSSQL bring to the table. They are now signing up BETA testers and we will be putting some demos together to show how Access can work with these lightweight database systems.

Translation please...