Thursday, June 19, 2008

Using Access with SQL Server: Panel Discussion from TechEd 2008

Check out this TechEd panel discussion: Are we there yet? Successfully navigating the bumpy road from Access to SQL Server.

The discussion is described as follows:

“Use SQL Server, not Access”, is advice commonly handed out when the Jet database engine outgrows its usefulness. However, that’s often easier said than done. Each database application is unique; some may have salvageable components, whereas others may need to be redesigned and rebuilt from scratch. In addition, there are substantial differences between the Jet and SQL Server database engines that can make a straight port unworkable in many situations. This panel discusses criteria for deciding whether to migrate data from Access to SQL Server, and for determining the optimal migration path once the decision is made. The panelists will share their real-world expertise to help you determine a successful strategy that best suits your business needs. With Mary Chipman, Armen Stein, Luke Chung, Paul Sheriff, and Stephen Forte."