Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Office 2007 SP2 Slated for Early 2009

An MS TechNet blog has announced that Service Pack 2 for Office 2o07 will be released on a date between February and April 2009.

Some details of changes in Office desktop applications in SP2 have been included in the announcement:
  • Improved Outlook Calendaring Reliability
  • Improved Outlook Performance
  • Enabling Object Model support for Charts in PowerPoint and Word
  • Improved cryptographic functionality by supporting all cryptographic algorithms offered by the operating system
  • Improved functionality in Excel’s charting mechanism
  • Ability to un-group SmartArt graphics and add animations in PowerPoint
  • Ability for Visio to export UML models to an XML file compliant with the XMI standard
  • Tool that enables the un-install of Office client Service Packs