Thursday, February 12, 2009

More Free Access Legacy Tools

Following yesterday's post, I have retired two more Access tools and these are now available for free download from

Smart Form Builder Standard Build Access forms with navigation and auto-filtering instantly. All controls are pre-named using a standard naming convention. Launch as an Access Form Wizard or from the Add-Ins menu. Header or footer location for navigation buttons. Image or text on button faces.

Smart Form 97 ( - 80kb)
Smart Form 2000/2002/2003 ( - 80kb)

Smart Toolbar Automatically adds full record navigation and autofiltering to any Access data form, by setting only one form property and adding three lines of code behind the form. The download file includes a sample form demonstrating SmartToolbar.

SmartToolbar 97 ( - 90kb)
SmartToolbar 2000 ( - 90kb)
SmartToolbar 2002/2003 ( - 90kb)