Saturday, May 23, 2009

New Version 1.4 of Ezy SQL Editor and Builder

I have just launched a major upgrade of my Ezy SQL Builder & Editor Add-In for Access 2000/2002/2003/2007. This new version offers a rich extension of functionality, including:
  • Ezy SQL is now available both in the Access Database Window and the Office VBA Editor, so you can easily switch from one environment to the other and shuttle between each environment.

  • The Ezy SQL Editor - Edit SQL and the Ezy SQL String Builder dialogs now work in partnership with the Ezy SQL VBA Plug-In dialog, which is available in any code module and allows you to easily edit a SQL string from a module.

  • The Access SQL Help file is now directly accessible from within the Ezy SQL Builder.
Other features include:
  • Font Name and Font Size Customization
  • Find and Replace functionality
  • SQL Keywords Assistant
  • Parameter Wizard
  • SQL String Parser/Formatter
  • Easy insertion of table and field references
  • Insert formatted SQL Strings into modules or copy to the Clipboard
  • Preview action queries...
Check out the full functionality of Ezy SQL v1.4 here.