Tuesday, November 24, 2009

New Free Access 2007 Menu Switchboard

The latest free download from aadconsulitng.com. The Menu Switchboard for Access 2007 replaces the native Access Switchboard with this free superior menu switchboard, which uses the Switchboard Items table created by the native MS Access Switchboard Manager and only native Access controls. This navigation paradigm also enforces a strict SDI modal interface, hides the Access application window, and optionally hides the Access RibbonBar. The download includes a sample database.

How it works:
  1. Import your all your databases objects into the Access2007 Menubar Switchboard ACCDB template  file and rename it to match the old database name.
  2. Place the separate library database (ACCDE) file that ships with the template file in the same folder as the renamed ACCDB.This ACCDE must be deployed with your ACCDB file
  3. Use the native Access Switchboard Manager to build/manage your Menu Switchboard.
  4. Set the Modal property for all forms and reports in your ACCDB to True, and decide which forms will have the Popup property set to True.  
  5. Set the form, frmMenu, as your StartUp form.
  6. Place your custom splash image to replace the Access splash screen and your custom application icon in the same folder as your ACCDB.