Sunday, January 30, 2005

Latest MS Access KB Articles

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101084 ACC97: Storing SQL Database Login IDs and Passwords Locally
109829 ACC97: Sample Function to Provide Password for Attached Tables
120911 ACC97: Ability to Add Users Without Permission to View Design
128808 ACC97: Optimizing for Client/Server Performance
135378 ACC97: Connection String Is Accessible in Secured Databases
135379 ACC97: New SQL Records Appear Deleted Until Recordset Reopened
209656 ACC2000: "CREATE TABLE Permission Denied" Error Message in Export to SQL
223220 ACC2000: SQL Server Security Administration Dialog Box Does Not Open
889588 ACC2000: How to optimize Office Access and Jet database engine network performance with Windows 2000-based and Windows XP-based clients
198915 ACC2000: Insert Data Permission Required to Modify Table Design
209179 ACC2000: SQL Server System Administrator Cannot See System Tables
210278 ACC2000: How to Set AllowZeroLength Property to Yes in All Tables
836178 ACC2003: "Invalid product key" error message when you start an Office 2003 program after you install Office Professional Edition 2003

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