Wednesday, January 12, 2005

New MS Articles and Sample Applications

Office 2003 Sample: Working with PowerPoint 2003 Presentations from Access 2003 Using Automation Download this sample to work with PowerPoint 2003 presentations directly from Access 2003. This sample accompanies the MSDN article "Working with PowerPoint 2003 Presentations from Access 2003 Using Automation," available from Related Resources.

Smart Access: Access Interfaces: Building Explorer-style Forms This article and sample application looks at the surprisingly simple process of implementing an Explorer-style form architecture using the TreeView component that's part of the Windows XP Common Control Library.

Creating an Office 2003 Research Service Using the Amazon Web Service API Search for books at using the research service, then include the results returned in your sheet or document without leaving your Office 2003 application.

Creating a FrontPage Drop-Down Menu with JavaScript If you've ever tried to create a drop-down menu, you probably know it’s not always easy. This article provides the detail you need to start developing your own—as well as JavaScript for three kinds of drop-down menus.

Handy Tips for Working with Excel 2003 Make your applications more robust and provide more options for your users when you use and modify these tips from the Excel newsgroups for your own use.

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