Sunday, March 06, 2005

I wish I could do this in MS Access...

There are things that Access users and developers often do in Access that could be a lot simpler or that they can't do at all. Over the years, I have developed some tools for Access versions 97 to 2003 to make up for some missing functionality. The following tools are available from my web site at

  1. Ezy Debug A frustration in debugging in Access 2000 and later is the clunky rigmarole required to turn error-trapping on and off. My free tool Ezy Debug is launched from the right-click popup menu in the code window of the Access VB Editor. The applet provides quick access to the Access error-trapping settings in the code window, and once invoked it is available both in the Access Database and VBE window. The current error-trapping setting is displayed and can be changed on the fly...
  2. Ezy Access Launcher If you need to support multiple versions of Access, you know that opening an .mdb file in the correct version of Access in Windows Explorer is not straight-forward. My free tool Ezy Access Launcher automatically opens Access files in the appropriate version, and you can easily create Access shortcuts containing the full range of Access command-line switches.
  3. Find Databases Wizard Want to to locate and document the location of all Access files in a particular location? My free applet, the Find Databases Wizard finds all the MS Access files in the location you select and classifies each file by Access version, lists all the files found in the location, and saves the data in a text-delimited file.
  4. Ezy Exporter Wouldn't it be great if you could export Access objects in bulk in the same way Access natively allows you to bulk import objects into a database? My Access tool, Ezy Exporter allows you to do just that.
  5. Ezy SQL Editor and Builder is a sophisticated tools for handling SQL in Access, but it also has some basic features that makes working with queries a whole lot easier by providing a Font... option when editing SQL strings, and adding find/replace functionality.

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