Tuesday, March 29, 2005

MS Access Code Samples
A collection of MS Access code samples, with articles, from Microsoft for Access 2003 and previous versions.

Access 2003

Create a PowerPoint Slide Presentation from Scratch Using Access Data Create a slide presentation, as well use an existing PowerPoint presentation inside an Access form.

Use Automation with Access and Outlook Demonstrates using automation to control one program from another program.

Animate Access 2003 Use the Animation ActiveX control, the Timer control, and the Office assistant to animate Access 2003.

Perform Mail-Merges Using XML Data How to use an external XML data file and the Mail Merge feature of Word 2003 to perform a mail merge programmatically from Access 2003.

New XML Features in Access 2003 This download contains several sample files that demonstrate how to import, export, and transform XML data programmatically into Access.

Access 2002

Write Setup Packages for Your Access Databases How to create a custom .msi setup program for your Access database and supporting files.

Program PivotTable Reports in Access 2002 How to programmatically build and manipulate PivotTable reports in Access 2002.

Program OLAP Databases from Access Using DSO How to use the DSO library to create and manipulate OLAP databases and cubes on an Analysis server.

Manage SQL Server Security with Access How VBA projects provide routines to manage SQL Server security settings.

Transform Access XML Files into HTML with XSLT Demonstrates the transformation of Access 2002 XML data into HTML.

Access 2002 Samples These samples demonstrate some of the new features in Access 2002, specifically in Data Access Pages.

Program Printer Settings in Access 2002 How to take a Word document formatted in Outline View and display it as a PowerPoint presentation slide show.

Access XML Import and Export This sample shows how data, schemas, and presentations can be imported to and exported from Access 2002 through the use of XML.

Access 2000

Develop Client/Server Solutions with Access 2000 Projects How to create and work with Access project (.adp) files. The samples accompany a series of articles from the online book, "Developing Client/Server Solutions with Access 2000 Projects," in the MSDN Library. (February 2000)

Access Workflow Designer Call-Tracking Sample Team Solution How to take advantage of the Call Tracking sample team solution. The sample accompanies the article, "Microsoft Access Workflow Designer Call-Tracking Sample Team Solution," in the MSDN Library. (January 2000)

Fundamental Microsoft Jet SQL for Access 2000 Demonstrates the basic mechanics of using Jet SQL to work with data in an Access 2000 database.

Intermediate Microsoft Jet SQL for Access 2000 Sample and article build on the concepts covered in the Fundamental SQL article and gives a much more detailed picture as to what can be accomplished with Microsoft Jet SQL in Access.

Advanced Microsoft Jet SQL for Access 2000 Focuses on the SQL syntax that is most often found in a multi-user environment.

Northwind Traders Direct Sample Application A simple e-commerce application that uses data access pages, frames, and cookies. It was created using Microsoft FrontPage 2000 and Microsoft Access 2000. (January 1999)

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