Monday, February 20, 2006

Hot Off The Press: March 2006 MSDN Articles

Advanced Basics: Set Word Document Properties Programmatically Ken Getz shows you how to set document properties for Word docs programmatically.

Office Unbound: Bring Your Documents To Life With Data Binding In Visual Studio Tools For Office Thanks to Visual Studio 2005 Tools for the Microsoft Office System, Windows Forms controls added to a workbook or document can be bound to databases, Web services, or objects. Find out how.

Outlook Add-Ins: Improve Your Outlook With Visual Studio Tools For Office Microsoft Visual Studio Tools for Office 2003 supported only Microsoft Word and Excel. The new 2005 version, however, has the tools you need to create managed code add-ins for Outlook 2003.

Text Rendering: Build World-Ready Apps Using Complex Scripts In Windows Forms Controls
The System.Windows.Forms.TextRenderer class provides support for complex scripts in Windows Forms controls so you can render text the way you want and support international locales.

Winning Forms: Practical Tips For Boosting The Performance Of Windows Forms Apps Techniques you can use to ensure that Windows Forms-based apps provide optimal performance to match the rich UI responsiveness they’re known to provide.

Reporting Services: Deliver SQL Server Reports To SharePoint To Enhance Team Collaboration

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