Sunday, February 12, 2006

NEW Version of 3J - Email Link Creator Freeware

The new v2.1 of 3J - Email Link Creator is now available for free download from and is now also deployable as a FrontPage 2002/2003 Add-In.

Fight SPAM: Encrypt Your Email Address! SPAM often originates from your own web pages by placing your email address in your web site pages. Along comes the Spammer-spider, harvesting any email addresses it finds. Not only will you receive SPAM from now on, your email address will also be sold to others, resulting in even more SPAM. As you need people to be able to contact you via email, you have to have your have an email link on your web site. Stop the Spammer spiders in their webs with this free application.

3J - Email Link Creator encrypts your email address in HTML to hide it from spammer robots.You can quickly create complete mailto links in HTML: including the body, subject and image link tags. Just enter your Email address and either the Link Text or Image Path fields. The other fields are optional. All link parameters are saved and available in droplists. Set the default Image path to simplify the creation of image links.


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