Thursday, May 18, 2006

Code VBA: Cool Coding Tool for the MS Office VBE

I just came across this product. The Code VBA add-in offers an amazing set of coding tools for the VBE. A set of 20 specialized code builders supports the fast creation of most used code, and an integrated code fragments library lets you find coding solutions easily.

Download a fully functional 30 day Free trial.

Feature: Code Library

  • Find and use built-in and custom procedures
  • Code fragments library
  • Find all built-in VBA procedures and code fragments related to keywords in seconds

Feature: Code Generators

  • Create procedures
  • Fast declaration of variables and constants
  • Work with enumerated types
  • Flexible error-handling

Feature: Object Oriented Programming

  • Work with classes, collections and properties

Feature: VBA Programming

  • Additional support for Access and Excel
  • A collection of 200 plus typical VBA code fragments for use with the Fragments Builder
  • Line of Code Builder shows all Access and Excel built-in functions
  • Fragment Builder for Access database actions, including DAO and ADO, and Excel
  • Insert Variable automatically picks up controls when in a Form module.

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