Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Microsoft Office 2007 Learning Portal Offers Free Training

This MS Portal offers a wide range of courses on Office 2007 for those who have installed the BETA.

Courses are grouped as follows:
  • Home and Office Workers
  • Developers
  • IT Professionals

and include on-line courses, labs, and book downloads.

For those who haven't installed the BETA, but want an overview of the new features, I recommend this free dowloadable MS Press book from the Portal:

First Look 2007 Microsoft Office System (Downloadable PDF; 6,080 KB) What's inside the newest Microsoft Office system? How will the new look of Office change the way you work and make you more self-sufficient and effective? How can your business use its new workflow capabilities immediately in this new world of work? First Look 2007 Microsoft Office System gives you exclusive, advance insights and straight talk from the Office product group and other Office experts.

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