Saturday, July 08, 2006

MS Access Database Repair and Recovery:
New v1.1 of Access Database Mechanic

My Access Database Mechanic tool is the top free download on

The Mechanic automates the process of attempting to recover a corrupt MS Access database, using four operations: compact & repair, JET compact, decompile, and complete rebuild of an .mdb. The applet also features a fail-safe mechanism that creates a uniquely named back-up copy of the .mdb before any recovery operation is attempted. Versions are available for Access2000/2002/2003.

Version 1.1 adds:

  • Support for the Microsoft JET Compact Repair Utility
  • Now features rebuild for additional objects: Import/Export Specifications, References, and Custom CommandBars
  • File download is one-fifth the size of v1.0 with a new and faster Install set

On the download page there are also comprehensive resources and links to assist you in your Access database recovery efforts.

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