Friday, July 14, 2006

New Free MS Access Tool: The Access DASHBOARD®
Manage all your Access databases in one free application

I have just launched my latest free Access tool: The Access DASHBOARD®. Launch multiple versions of MS Access Databases. Supports Access 97 or later and JET 2 or later, and these Access files types:*.mdb;*.mda;*.mde;*.adp;*.ade. Windows file associations are NOT affected.

Download from the Free Access Tools tab on my Access Tools page.

The DASHBOARD® automatically determines in which version of JET adatabase was created. Each file is opened in the appropriate versionof MS Access. Users can manually override the version applied bythe DASHBOARD. You can use the Shortcut Builder to create customDesktop shortcuts.

In-built Tools allow you to Backup, Repair, Compact, and Decompile database files without leaving the DASHBOARD.

As an option, you can have your Windows Explorer Right-click PopUp Menu available friom within the DASHBOARD.

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