Wednesday, October 25, 2006

TrayIE: New Applet to Manage Internet Explorer

I am now using IE7, but disappointed that there is still no minimize to the TaskBar IconTray functionality, and I can't find an add-on.

So I built my own applet to reduce screen clutter and re-launch IE instantly after hiding it.

TrayIE sits in your Windows Desktop Icon Tray as an icon and lets you easily manage your Internet Explorer windows. The tray icon changes according to the current status of IE windows on your Desktop:

  • IE is not open. Double-clicking the icon will launch IE.
  • IE windows are open and visible. Double-clicking the icon will hide all IE windows.
  • All IE windows are hidden. Double-clicking the icon will restore all IE windows.

A global hot key [Win+i] saves you double-clicking the tray icon anywhere in Windows.

Left-click on the tray icon to use the popup menu, and set an alternate global hot key.


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