Tuesday, October 03, 2006

WinZoomBox - The Easy Way to Edit Smaller Text Boxes

WinZoomBox v1.1 Freeware 4-Oct-2006 ©2006 Anthony D'Ambra. All rights reserved.

To overcome my frustrations when editing Windows Shortcut properties, I have developed a new free system applet: WinZoomBox.

WinZoomBox sits in the Icon Try of your Windows Taskbar. You use the Hot Key combination, Win+Z, to display WinZoomBox wherever you are in Windows or an application to view/edit text at the Cursor location in any edit control where Copy and Paste commands are available. WinZoomBox will pick-up the text in the edit control and display it for editing. After editing, click the Copy To Clipboard button to send the edited text to the Windows Clipboard ready for pasting into the original location. WinZoomBox includes case-sensitive find and replace functionality. Version 1.1 adds Auto-Paste and an alternate Hot Key. Download from aadconsulting.com

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