Wednesday, February 13, 2008

New Free Access Database Templates

Over the past month I have made available a number of new free open-code Access databases:
  1. Two of my new Access 2007 database templates , Advanced Issues Tracker and Meeting Tracker, are featured on the Official US Office 2007 Templates Site. Both these templates have 4-star user-ratings and are holding their own against the official Microsoft templates.

  2. From my web-site,, you can also download:
  • By popular demand an Access 2003 version of the Advanced Issues Tracker database,
  • A new Case (Project) Manager Access 2003 database, and
  • A new Donations database for Access 2000 or later.
All these databases have modern GUI's and enhanced functionality. All except the Donations MDB use only embedded macros and are aimed at introducing new users to the code-free capabilities of Access.