Wednesday, July 22, 2009

New Features in Access 2010

The Access Team Blog has provided details of some new feature in Access 2010:
  • The new Getting Started window includes community templates.

  • Integration with Office themes

  • A new navigation control enables code-less web tab style navigation.

  • A revamped macro designer makes it easier to "write more powerful, readable logic while IntelliSense speeds up development and reduces errors",

  • Centralized business logic. Data macros to write logic behind tables similar to SQL triggers makes it easier to maintain applications by centralizing business logic:

  • Landing pad for data. A new Web Browser control gives users the ability to create Web 2.0 mash-ups and display web content in the application.

  • Integration with Business Connectivity Services (BCS) allows creation of read-only link tables to LOB web services, to enable users to make use of trusted and validated data.

  • SharePoint performance and offline access. Access 2010 extends the ability of Access 2007 with improvements to the Sharepoint link table cache. In the new offline mode listst data is cached in local tables to improve large list performance. When server connectivity is lost, the database goes into offline mode. When connectivity is restored, Access automatically synchronizes data changes.

  • Browser apps. Access 2010 will make it easier to share databases in the browser, and more information will be available after the SharePoint Developer Conference in October 2009.