Thursday, July 23, 2009

NEW Super Dashboard Switchboard and Builder
for Microsoft© 2002/2003/2007

Easily build complex dashboard of multiple switchboards of different types:
classic list or nested treeview

The latest Access switchboard product from is the exciting Super Dashboard Switchboard and Builder.

Replace the native Access Switchboards with this superior dashboard of up to 8 switchboards, which uses native Access controls for the SideBar and the MSCOMCTL.OCX TreeView and ImageList controls for the treeview switchboard. Each switchboard can be either a classic items switchboard or a fully nested treeview switchboard. A treeview can contain up to 1,000 nodes, and a classic items list can contain up to 16 items.

Included is the advanced Dashboard Builder MDE which fully automates the creation and maintenance of the Dashboard and each switchboard.

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