Sunday, November 27, 2005

Free Power Tools for MS Office Developers

My free Developer ToolPack for Microsoft® Access, which is listed at Microsoft's Office Marketplace, has been updated today with the Access Database Mechanic and Table Links and Connections Manager applets, coming out of Beta.

The Toolpack comprises:

Access Database Mechanic A tool that automates the process of attempting to recover a corrupt Microsoft Access database, using three operations: compact & repair, decompile, and complete rebuild of an .mdb. The applet also features a fail-safe mechanism that creates a uniquely named back-up copy of the .mdb before each recovery operation.

Ezy Debug Simplify debugging in Microsoft Access 2000 and later. Ezy Debug is launched from the right-click popup menu in the code window of the VBA Editor. The applet provides quick access to the error-trapping settings in the code window, and once invoked it is available both in the Database and VBE windows. The current error-trapping setting is displayed and can be changed on the fly.

The Table Links and Connections Manager finds all the Microsoft Access files in the location you select and an Access report will display all table links and base string connections, and any connect errors grouped by:

  • Jet Version
  • File Type: mdb/mde/mda or adp/ade
  • Linked Database Paths and linked tables: for mdb/mde/mda's
  • Depend on me table links
  • Base Connection String: for adp/ade's
  • Separate reports are produced for .mdx and .adx files.

The A Better ZoomBox property builder lets you edit the following control properties when designing Access forms and reports:

  • Record Source
  • Row Source
  • Control Source

With full Find/Replace functionality and saving of customized font and Enter key settings.