Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Latest Office Articles and Resources at Office Developer Portal

The Future Of Microsoft Office: Office 12 Preview Site During the coming months Microsoft will be announcing new capabilities that will be part of Office 12. Get the latest news and register to get the beta when it's available.

Repurpose SharePoint Services Data Using Excel's SpreadsheetML Microsoft has opened up the file formats of Excel and Word through the Microsoft Office 2003 XML Reference Schemas. These schemas free developers from using the Excel and WordObject Models to create documents on the fly and provide anyone with knowledge of XML a powerful method for building reports inside Excel. This article shows how to retrieve data from a SharePoint list to build a formatted report using Excel's XML Schema.

Updated Infopath Developer Portal InfoPath 2003 is a new application in the Microsoft Office System for gathering enterprise information in rich, dynamic forms. Learn how to share, re-use, and re-purpose information throughout your team or organization to improve collaboration and decision-making.

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