Tuesday, November 15, 2005

New Improved 123 Error-Handler Wizard for MS Access

A new improved version 1.3 of my very popular MS Access tool, 123 Error-Handler Wizard, is now available.

The Wizard reviews your database and identifies all procedures without error-handling, and reports the On Error... statement for all other procedures. You select which procedures to add error-handling. The Wizard adds error-handling to the selected procedures in one automated operation. You can also optionally add global error-handling to your database at the same time.

Version 1.3 fixes these issues:
  1. In some rare cases depending on the existence of pre-existing error-handlingcode and/or Access incorrectly returning the last line of a procedure, the error-handler was not added to the last procedure in a module.
  2. Due to Access incorrectly returning the procedure type for a Function in certain instances, the line "Exit Sub" was inserted instead of "ExitFunction" in the error-handler.

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