Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Feast of New Office 2007 Resources

Visio 2007: Software Development Kit
The Beta 2 version of the Microsoft Office Visio 2007 SDK contains sample applications, code snippets, documentation, and tools, including the ShapeStudio, Event Monitor, Persistent Events, Print ShapeSheet, and Solution Publishing tools.

Groove 2007: Software Development Kit
The Groove 2007 SDK (Beta) contains documentation, WSDL, and sample code for applications that use Groove Web Services. In addition, the SDK contains developer documentation for the Groove 2007 Forms and Groove 2007 InfoPath Forms tools.

Download this series of developer-oriented videos to view virtual tours of new features in Microsoft Office 2007:

Creating Office (2007) Custom Task Panes
The 2007 release of the Microsoft Office system introduces custom task panes that give you the tools to put the features and information your customers need when and where they want them. Learn how you can use custom task panes in your applications.

Creating Word 2007 Templates Programmatically
Read details about how to create document templates programmatically for Microsoft Office Word 2007, including information about using the new content controls, document building blocks, and XML mapping. Review some of the newest members of the Word 2007.

Customizing the Office (2007) Document Inspector
Learn to customize the Document Inspector in 2007 Microsoft Office suites. Users now have one place to find metadata or hidden information in their documents and to take action. And, developers can create custom modules for special circumstances.

.NET Rocks! - Kimberly Tripp on SQL Server 2005 SP1 and More
Kimberly Tripp talks to us about improvements in SQL Server 2005 Service Pack 1, converting Oracle users to SQL Server, and much more.

What's New for Developers in Word 2007
This article provides a high-level overview of new features for developers in Microsoft Office Word 2007 Beta 2. The article reviews content controls, XML mapping, document building blocks, the Word XML Format, and other new features.

What's New for Developers in OneNote 2007 (Part 1 of 2)
What's New for Developers in OneNote 2007 (Part 2 of 2)
Two-part series introducing and explaining new features of interest to developers in Microsoft Office OneNote 2007. Developer-related features include a new COM API that offers new import, export, selection, and search function.

What's New for Developers in the Outlook 2007 Object Model (Part 1 of 2)
What's New for Developers in Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 (Part 2 of 2)
These two articles cover the enhancements and additions for developers in Microsoft Office Outlook 2007. Part 2 is accompanied by the What's New Add-In, which is available as a download.

SharePoint Server 2007 for MCMS 2002 Developers
Explore SharePoint Server 2007, which merges functionality of MCMS 2002 and SharePoint Portal Server 2003 with new functionality to create one integrated set of technologies built on Windows SharePoint Services V3.

Project Server 2007: Getting Started with a New Platform for Developers
Explore the Microsoft Office Project Server 2007 functionality that uses a completely new platform built on the Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 and Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services (version 3).

Introducing the Microsoft Office (2007) Open XML File Formats
Learn the benefits of the Microsoft Office (2007) Open XML Formats. Users can exchange data between Office applications and enterprise systems using XML and ZIP technologies. Documents are universally accessible. And, you reduce the risk of damaged files.

Hosting the InfoPath Form Editing Environment in a Custom Windows Form Application

Learn how to incorporate this control into your application, work with the XML data generated by the Form Control, and use IOLECommands to replicate functionality of the InfoPath 2007 form editing environment.

Extending the Office (2007) Fixed-Format Export Feature
Create a COM add-in for an application in the 2007 Microsoft Office release, such as Microsoft Office Publisher 2007, that extends the Office fixed-format export feature to support new formats. The technique described requires knowledge of C++ and COM.

Developer Overview of the User Interface for the 2007 Microsoft Office System
Read an overview of the user interface (UI) system for the 2007 release of the Microsoft Office applications and the goals behind the redesign of the UI. Learn about the impact of the redesigned UI on custom solutions and add-ins.

Developer Introduction to Workflows for Windows SharePoint Services V3 and SharePoint Server 2007
Get a high-level overview of how Windows SharePoint Services (v3) implements the workflow capabilities of the Windows Workflow Foundation, and how SharePoint Server 2007 extends those capabilities with symmetrical InfoPath 2007 forms.

Customizing the Office (2007) Ribbon User Interface for Developers (Part 1 of 2)
Customizing the Office (2007) Ribbon User Interface for Developers (Part 2 of 2)
Part 1 is the companion to the part-one article of the same name, and contains detailed reference material about the controls and method signatures for the Ribbon user interface, and a section of frequently asked questions. In Part 2Learn about the scenarios and XML markup that you can use to customize the Ribbon user interface (UI) in the 2007 Microsoft Office release. The Ribbon UI replaces menus, toolbars, and most of the task pane UI in the 2007 release.

2007 Office System Document: Lists of Control IDs This download contains files that list the control IDs for built-in

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