Friday, June 09, 2006

Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Upgrade Technical Reference Guide

Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Upgrade Technical Reference Guide contains guidance for SQL Server administrators, developers, and IT decision makers who want to move their SQL Server 2000 or 7.0 databases to SQL Server 2005.

The primary objects are:

  • Increase confidence and reduce uncertainty about upgrading previous versions of SQL Server to SQL Server 2005.
  • Lower upgrade risks by providing prescriptive, best-practices technical guidance about how to upgrade specific SQL Server features across all editions.
  • Provide Microsoft partners and field representatives with appropriate SQL Server 2005 upgrade resources to serve customers.
Content Details:

  • Section 1.0, “Upgrade Planning and Deployment,” provides a comprehensive overview of the key planning and deployment considerations for upgrading to SQL Server 2005.
  • Sections 2.01-2.05 cover special upgrade considerations for high availability and very large databases (VLDB).
  • Sections 3.01-3.08 cover upgrading relational databases to SQL Server 2005, including specific discussions on security, Transact-SQL queries, full-text catalogs, maintenance plans and SQL Server Agent jobs, Notification Services, Management Tools, and MSDE.
  • Sections 4.01-4.03 then cover moving to the SQL Server 2005 business intelligence components: Reporting Services, Integration Services, and Analysis Services.

    See the appendices for detailed feature and edition comparisons and highlighted upgrade tips and tricks.

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