Wednesday, June 28, 2006

New Office 2007 Articles: Outlook, Excel, Access, and SharePoint

Developing Solutions Using the Consolidated Outlook 2007 Object Model Learn about new platform features in Microsoft Office Outlook 2007: an overview of the unification, security, performance, and forms improvements in this release.

Building Custom Solutions with Excel Services Excel Services let users calculate, display and explore Excel workbooks on the server side. Learn the reasons behind Excel Services, the benefits, and see a demo using a Web service to incorporate Excel-based business logic into your own server solutions.

Microsoft Office Access 2007: Rich Client Solutions Overview of Access 2007 redesign, improvements, and new features. See the new WYSIWYG design experience and interactive report browse view and how you can use Access as a rich client for Windows SharePoint Services v3 and Office Live.

Introduction to Upcoming SharePoint Products and Technologies An overview of the technologies that will release within Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services (version 3) and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007, with a focus on specific developer opportunities.

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