Thursday, September 16, 2004

MS Office 2003 Research Services How To's:

Getting Started with the Research Service Development Extras Toolkit for Office 2003 Edition Overview of the items included in the toolkit—Research Services Class Library, Research Services Class Library Samples, Research Services Class Library Wizard, and the Research Services Tracing and Validation Tool.
Introduction to the Office 2003 Research Services Class Library How to use the Research Services Class Library to abstract often-used features of the Office 2003 Research task pane into a simple object model wrapper that produces the XML defined by the Research Service’s XML schemas.
Customizing Time-Out Values for Office 2003 Research Services How to adjust the time-out value of the Research feature to accommodate the time requirements of different research services so that users are more likely to find the information they want.

Access 2.0 Converter

Access 2.0 Converter for Access 2003 The Access 2.0 Converter is used by MS Access 2003 to convert files from the Access 2.0 file format

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