Tuesday, September 14, 2004

New Articles and Downloads from MSDN

From the SmartAccess Newsletter:
Access Interfaces: Creating Paired Listbox Controls, Part 1 How to create linked Listbox controls and base them on a single table, two tables, or even data created at runtime.
Access Interfaces: Creating Paired Listbox Controls, Part 2 Create paired listbox controls by adding two additional functions: deferring data updates and restoring initial contents.
Signing Access 2003 Projects How to digitally sign your code.
Lost in Translation How to create an application to be deployed in different languages for different locales or different groups of users.
Managing State Transitions How to use lookup tables to handle hierarchies as well as complex state transitions.

Hardcore Visual Basic: Database Developer Corner: Managing Disconnected Data in ADO and ADO.NET Demonstrates fabricated RecordSets in VB6 and DataTables in VB.NET.

Office XP Security Update KB832332 offers the highest levels of stability and security available for Microsoft Office XP.

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