Monday, September 27, 2004

New MS Office Downloads:

Office 2003 Editions: Excel VBA Language Reference
Office 2003 Editions: Office Web Components VBA Language Reference
Office 2003 Editions: Outlook VBA Language Reference
Office 2000 Outlook Today information and sample files (2)
HTML Help Workshop sample files Sample cascading style sheet (CSS) files to use with HTML Help Workshop. Download HTML Help Workshop from the MSDN Online Web Workshop.
Office 2000 Outlook 98/2000 E-mail Security Update White Paper
Office 2000 Outlook Bar reference information
Office 2000 Outlook 2000 SR-1 Security and Encryption White Paper
Office 2000 Resource Kit Readme file — updated August 31, 1999 Additional information about Office 2000 and Office Resource Kit tools and documentation. The latest version includes notes about reinstalling Office with your original customized settings.
Access 2000 Runtime for Terminal Server
Office 2000 Outlook Information A sample Microsoft Outlook profile.
Office 2000 transform for Setup error messages Copy this transform (MST file) to your computer in the same folder as the Office 2000 Setup.exe and Setup.ini files.
Office 2000 Multilingual Deployment Guide
Microsoft Office Project Initiation Tool An add-in for the Microsoft Office Accelerator for Six Sigma that enables you to easily capture and rank new project ideas, approve them, and initiate the project within Microsoft Project Server 2003 SP1. The tool tracks the progress of each idea through its approval process.
Microsoft Office Information Bridge Framework 1.0 - Updates

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