Friday, September 24, 2004

Office XP Security Update: KB832332 The latest security update for Microsoft Office XP.

New MS Access KB Articles

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where xxxxx is the Article No.

209045 ACC2000 Sample expressions to extract portion of text string in Access 2000
208191 ACC2000 Can't See Controls Placed in Tab Area of Tab Control
209053 ACC2000 Cannot Delete the Admin User
209062 ACC2000 Shortcut Method for Creating an SQL Union Query
208203 ACC2000 ActiveX Controls Do Not Appear in the Expression Builder
209075 ACC2000 Unexpected Pointer Behavior in Text Box with Input Mask
207591 ACC2000 Table Filter Is Lost After Importing Table
208222 ACC2000 "The Replication ID You Entered Is invalid" Error in Query
199028 ACC2000 Cannot Use acOLEDelete to Clear Object Frame
205085 ACC2000 Can't Import Modules from Protected VBA Project
205183 ACC2000 How to Create a Grouped Running Sum in a Query
197220 ACC2000 Cannot Completely Remove Form Filter
199113 ACC2000 Error with Subform Based on Hierarchical ADO Recordset
203383 ACC2000 Error When You Paste a Field into Navigation Section
203627 ACC2000 Synchronization Fails When System Date Is Greater Than 2038
199138 ACC2000 Copying Linked Table Does Not Create Local Table
199140 ACC2000 #Error in Linked Spreadsheet After Closing File in Excel
199197 ACC2000 Error Message When You Choose Not to Install Northwind
872834 ACC2003 Issues that are fixed in Access 2003 by Office 2003 Service Pack 1
875286 ACC2003 The "Analyze Databases" button may not be available in the "Scan for Databases" form after you select a scanned database
875287 ACC2003 Description of the "RecordCount" property, the "NoConvertDialog" property, and the "Compiled State" property and their possible values when viewed in the Access Conversion Report Tool
875288 ACC2003 The Access Conversion Scanning Tool does not collect Access properties information for Access databases
875289 ACC2003 Description of how to run the Access Conversion Scanning Tool at the command-line interface
875290 ACC2003 You may receive the "Invalid command line" error message when you run the Access Conversion Scanning Tool at the command prompt
832510 ACC2003 How to add a digital signature to an Access 2003 run-time application
870753 ACC2003 Description of the Jet 4.0 Database Engine post-837001 hotfix package July 21, 2004
883867 ACC2003 BUG A control on a form or on a report that refers to a control on a subform or on a subreport is blank in Access 2003
870961 ACC2003 Description of how to run multiple versions of Microsoft Access with Access 2003
884185 ACC2003 BUG You may receive an error message when you try to insert a new record in a table that contains an Autonumber field in Access 2003
870962 ACC2003 References that you may have to set when you work with databases in Access 2003
838900 ACC2003 Description of the Access 2003 post-Service Pack 1 hotfix package August 20, 2004
823224 ACC2003 Access queries with a wildcard character do not export data to an XML document
883866 ACC2003 The display of a data Access page is blocked in Web Page Preview mode on a computer that is running Windows XP Service Pack 2
840258 ACC2003 BUG You may receive a "Data provider failed while executing a provider command" error message when you try to Access a three-tier data Access page that is bound to a security-enhanced Access database or to an SQL Server database
841413 ACC2003 The Database window may not appear when you open an existing Access database or an existing Access project
871060 ACC2003 The first page of the Package Wizard or the Custom Startup Wizard appears blank in Office Access 2003 Developer Extensions
842004 ACC2003 How to create a distributable Access run-time application by using Microsoft Office Access 2003 Developer Extensions
191883 ACCESS Data Changes Are Saved to the Incorrect Record

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