Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Cool Tools For Windows

I thought I would share with you some truly useful tools that enhance productivity in MS Windows. All are freeware, except for Folder Pilot.

Folder Pilot
A shell extension that adds a toolbar to Windows Explorer. This functionality will be available in Windows Vista, but you can get it now for Win2000/XP with Folder Pilot. It adds breadcrumb navigation, where your folder history in a session is dynamically loaded to the Folder Pilot toolbar. Also, a right-click menu allows you to quickly access recently viewed folders, or your own custom entries. 30 day trial. Buy for only US$20.

From the makers of Folder Pilot. Adds a very useful Explorer pane in Windows Explorer, with up to 5 custom tabs. Supports full drag'n'drop and the Windows Explorer right-click popup menu. Free. PRO version allows up to 10 tabs and costs only US$15.

Display all the shell extensions for file types on your PC, and allows an extension to be disabled.

Right-click on an .exe file and enter arguments - very neat! Free

PlacesBar Editor
Add your own custom entries to system open/save dialogs. Free

Wildcard Select
Right-click in any Windows Explorer window, and a popup allows you to select any files with the entered extension in the open folder. Extensions used are saved and available from a drop list, making it as easy as 2 clicks! Free - but you need to register with to download.

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