Thursday, January 12, 2006

Download the latest TechNet Magazines

Download the latest TechNet Magazines from Microsoft:

NB: To read these compiled .chm files after downloading, UNBLOCK them before opening.

The lastest Jan-Feb 2006 issue has the full run-down on SQL Server 2005:

  • Server 2005: Set the Stage for a Smooth Upgrade Get an overview of what you need to know when examining your current environment and developing an upgrade plan.
  • Boost Performance with New Features in SQL Server 2005 Take an in-depth look at nine of the best new features and technologies that make SQL Server 2005 faster and more scalable.
  • Your Metadata Metadata can unknowingly reveal secrets about your database. New tools and restrictions help to keep your data protected.
  • Running the Microsoft SAP Infrastructure on SQL Server 2005 Many enterprises rely on SAP to handle mission-critical functions. Find out how Microsoft migrated its SAP environment to SQL Server 2005.

SQL Server Articles in the Spring 2005 issue :

  • SQL Server: Reduce Downtime Implement SQL Server 2000 On A Cluster
  • Running SQL Server 2000 on a Windows Server 2003 Server failover cluster will get you more uptime by alleviating your reliance on a single server.
  • XML To The Max Get More Power Out Of Your SQL Server
  • Using the SQL Server 2000 T-SQL Syntax You can manipulate XML in a variety of ways. For example, you can access data contained in an XML string passed into a stored procedure and produce XML output. Find out what these flexible, powerful XML features can do for you.
  • Get A Traffic Report: Analyze Your Database Usage With System Tables By querying data from the master.sysprocesses table you can get almost any information you need about connections to your SQL database, what each process is doing, which processes are blocking, and lots more. Then you can use this data to create some truly enlightening reports.
  • Async Lifestyle: Manage Your Tasks With Service Broker SQL Server 2005 Service Broker is more than just a developer tool. DBAs can use it to schedule tasks, run batch processing, and perform routine database maintenance.
  • On The Horizon: Improved Data Security In SQL Server 2005 Microsoft has performed extensive threat modeling and security analysis to identify the threats facing database servers. This work has resulted in an upcoming version of SQL Server, SQL Server 2005, that is secure by design. This article enumerates the various security improvements to the popular database.

MS Office articles in the Nov-Dec 2005 issue:

  • Microsoft Office Office Gone Wild? You May Not Have Lost That File After All Don't panic. That file may not be gone. Before you give up hope, try one of these tips and you just might be able to recover that lost or damaged Microsoft Office file.
  • Be Prepared: A Guide to SharePoint Disaster Prevention and Recovery s SharePoint becomes an integral tool for collaborating and sharing information, it's increasingly important to know how to recover from a failure.
  • Get Better Metrics with New Reporting Tools for SharePoint Portal Server Using the new reporting tools, you can examine content and analyze how visitors using your sites so you can optimize your portal to better serve its users.
  • Information Rights Management In Office 2003

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