Monday, January 23, 2006

Hot Off the Press: New Free Help Authoring and Documentation Tool from Microsoft

Get hold of the free Visual Studio 2005 Express to get access to this cool new Help Authoring Tool.

Press Release 23 January 2006:

Microsoft and Innovasys Ltd., a leader in help authoring and documentation tools, today announced the inclusion of a tailored version of the Innovasys HelpStudio help authoring product, HelpStudio Lite, in the Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 SDK. By providing a full help authoring environment within the Visual Studio 2005 SDK, Innovasys is providing developers building components and products that integrate with Visual Studio 2005 a complete solution for authoring help materials to accompany their solutions. HelpStudio Lite enables developers to author and maintain high quality help content with a consistent style quickly and easily.

HelpStudio Lite includes a template based authoring concept that makes it easy for developers to customize and change over time the look and feel of a help system without requiring rework to existing content. HelpStudio Lite ships with two default templates; one that reflects the look and feel of Visual Studio .NET 2003 technical documentation and another implementing the new style introduced with Visual Studio 2005 technical documentation.

"Enabling developers to concentrate on content authoring is a core part of the HelpStudio design. The template based authoring concept, together with the many other productivity features of HelpStudio Lite enable developers to get great looking results, consistent with the established Microsoft documentation styles, right out of the box." said Richard Sloggett, CTO of Innovasys.

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